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Fooditive® is the latest brand of innovation in the additives sweeteners industry, allowing the European food and beverage industry to produce with zero chemical recycled additives, while at the same time expanding the shelf life of the ready to go product.


Next Generation Additive

The use of additives and sweeteners is an absolute must nowadays for every single product produced by the food and beverages industry. It is either used to give sweet flavors to drinks, frozen items or sweets and or preserving the product for long duration, with the possibility to create the textures and color that is right for the product.

With Fooditive® we created the world first zero chemical and natural additives and sweeteners: not only natural but also sustainable since we make them from 100% recycled fruits and vegetables.


Our sweetener is 60–70% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar) and is in an innovative way extracted from a mix of apples and pears. It is almost noncaloric, does not affect blood sugar levels and does not cause tooth decay. Of our sweetener the human body only absorbs the good parts like vitamins, excreting the rest in urine and feces. The end result is a 0 kcal/g product that allows everyone to enjoy the product, without aftertaste.


Our surface-active agent is extracted from potato and acts as a border between two immiscible liquids such as oil and water, allowing them to perfectly blend into stable emulsions. The emulsifiers also reduce stickiness, control crystallization and prevent separation.


The Fooditive® thickening agent is extracted from banana skin and comes with a favorable liquidity but without color, starch and other unique odors. It is of course unsweetened. Even the use of larger volumes does not ‘hide’ the specific flavor or fragrance of the original food product. It is easily soluble in water, has moderate viscosity, favorable thickening as well adhesive properties. The product prevents sugar crystallization and stabilizes foam. Besides, it has great emulsifying performance and helps to promote shaping products and adjusting the tissue structure of products.


Fooditive® preservatives, only effective at low PH-levels, extracted from carrots are particularly active against mold, less active against yeasts and not active against bacteria. With the active ingredient of our preservatives, the preservative dissolves better in water than any sorbic acid. It can be used among other things for drinks, dried fruit, cheese, milk and egg products as well as bread and pastries and sauces. Fooditive® preservatives inhibit the growth of mold, bacteria and yeast enabling you to produce without chemicals.

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With the vision to become one of the world’s leading additives and sweeteners producers, we are committed to deliver the food industry the purest all natural, high intensity sweeteners without chemicals. It is 7th Circle’s promise to create and maintain health – not just for consumers and fellow citizens, but also for the planet we share.


What They Say About Us.

  •  Making burgers without any chemicals was always our challenge until we discovered Fooditive®. The high-quality natural additives at highly competitive prices really allowed us to make our product even more successful. 

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    BeyondMeat Ethan Brown - Founder
  • Producing high quality desserts for people with diabetes or for those who want to reduce the intake of sugar has always been a challenge as there are just two options. Either of having the very bitter after taste of sweeteners or reducing the use of sugar by 50%. With Fooditive® we now can replace all the sweeteners and deliver the quality and taste we promise our customers.

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    La Pastisseria Barcelona Chef Josep María Rodriguez .

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